Uncreated Creator,

You made everything that was,

that is and that will become.

The self existing Creator,

You will never depend on your creation.

I call you my Father,

Your love is amazing Abba !

I have never seen you,

but your love towards me tells so much about Your personality

than it is captured in the holy book.

You’ve guaranteed me eternal life,

Everlasting Father of light.

Your robe is white;

Your glory shines so bright.

Who can stand your might !

You bought me with a price,

of which I can never repay.

Oh ! for my sins and shame:

You sent your Lamb,

Your precious Lamb was slain !



……………….My Testimony!

aaaBeen meaning to share this with other young folks out there (kept asking myself whether or not it’s necessary, but then I realize it is!) Last weekend I had a long chat with an old friend and realized how encouraging the summary of my Testimony was to him.

Graduated 2012, NYSC afterwards which I finished in 2013. Now the Job! Have you ever wanted a job so bad, you start to doubt if the grades you got out of Uni. were true or it was dashed freely. (The job hustle was REALLL!). Aside from my NYSC experience; the best work experience until now and with the best women ever, would love to rewind that year if I can. The next real job experience wasn’t okay, but I had to settle, the experience started off sweet  but ended as sweet pain, I mean this Job took a lot from me… physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and of course wasn’t encouraging financially. Till I walked away in June 2014 when I knew the time was right. Unto the next Job which came barely a week after the previous, it was fair…. I knew I deserved something better I kept on praying and hoping, for how long will a young lady cope with 25,000 monthly allowances (Summary).

So December 2014, I resigned with a huge leap of faith. No Doubt I had my eyes on other opportunities waiting for them to land. Most importantly I prayed like never before for this Oil & Gas opportunity; my most desired New Year gift from God. Lo and behold January 5th 2015 the offer came, with an Oil & Gas firm somewhere in V.I Lagos. I was so grateful for the offer, but I had no peace within me, all the vibes and energy for the job died. After going to work for a week I rejected the offer (Smart move?). Apart from the no peace within I had some underlying factors, like distance, bad boss experience… E.T.C.

So back to square 1, I remember a lot of people thought I was problematic even my only sibling didn’t speak to me for weeks ‘cos I turned down a seemingly shiny offer. Well the only thing I had working for me at that time was my faith and my mouth; I prayed with my mouth and spoke to people with my mouth. I told anyone who cared to listen I needed a Job, young and old, male and female on the streets, mall, social gatherings everywhere I went!

So earlier in the month of February this year, went swimming with my cousin and her friend who came visiting from Denmark. I spoke to everyone that cared to listen at Eko Hotel that I needed a job. I remember the words of some lady I spoke to, she said; I admire your courage, I’m only in Nigeria for 24 hours but I wish you the best. I thanked her with my teary eyes was encouraged and moved unto the next group of people who apparently came for a business meeting. The person I approached told me to come back and speak to his friend who was engrossed in a discussion with another man. The friend in question happened to be random looking and I felt ohh do I really need to come back. But I did speak to him, he told me to go apply on a website and I did that same day. To be honest, the application wasn’t one of those I seriously prayed about; I had my eyes on other opportunities.

April came, one faithful evening I was scheduled for my interview with the Organization. This interview was over the phone it lasted 20 Minutes there about. One of the best job interviews I had as a job seeker. The next day I was called for “the Job” with all the perks and benefits! I owe it all to GOD…

I got a grip of 2 peter 3:8-9 from another angle: ‘but do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.I had been jobless just some few hours before and in less than 24 hours. Also when I remember how the interview was just for 20 minutes, over the phone and I have had other interviews that I crossed seas, cast stones, over prepared for and still got a regret mail at the last stage.

I need not say that the experiences from the previous work places are very useful for me now. No experience is wasted, especially when God is involved.

Whatever it is you are waiting on God for keep a good attitude, Psalm 27:14, while waiting when nothing seems to be available you have your mouth and your faith/hope!

I hope this lifts someone’s spirit